A 4 for 1 adventure! : History, nature and more

Some of the most beautiful destinations in the Riviera Maya are Tulum, Coba, Playa del Carmen and of course one of the most magical cenotes that surrounds these lands, where you can recharge your batteries. An experience full of history, nature and more.

The day begins when you are picked up at your hotel, on the way to the first destination you will enjoy a lunch box.  When you arrive at the first destination you will learn the history of one of the most important archaeological sites of the Riviera Maya, Tulum which means “enclosure or wall”, is the only Mayan city built on the shores of the Caribbean Sea where you can appreciate the turquoise tones of the Caribbean Sea in all its splendor, visiting it will captivate you.

To complement the information, it is time to visit another archaeological site, Coba which name translates as “water with moss” or “water humidity“, here you can marvel at the buildings that were part of this urbanization. Surprise yourself with the scenery surrounded by jungle, lakes and roads that connect the different vestiges.

As with any visit to the Riviera Maya, you can’t miss the chance to purify yourself in a cenote, because they are full of mystery and magic at the same time, the cenotes are the most beautiful jewels of the Yucatan Peninsula. Protected by the jungle, swimming in a cenote is an adventure you can’t miss and here you can recharge your energy and purify your soul.

Finally the Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen, the perfect time for something relaxing. You can eat an ice cream, buy souvenirs, have a beer, sit by the seashore or maybe do some shopping, as there are many stores where you will find from handmade products to very important brands.

And return to your hotel after enjoying a day where you enjoyed the best of the Riviera Maya in the same tour.


Horseback Riding in the Jungle and Much More

ATVs, Horseback riding, swimming inside a real cenote and an exciting zip-line circuit, all wrapped up in one day!

Have you ever heard of Puerto Morelos?

It is a small fishing town about half an hour away from amazing Cancun. It is a colorful, fun, calm, quiet and adventurous place. All in one!

It is located in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by hundreds of cenotes, a beautiful beach with the clearest waters, a hundred-foot long coral reef… What else could you ask for?

All of these incredible features made us pick Puerto Morelos as our destination for one of the most unbelievable tours you ever hear of: Horseback Riding + ATVs (and more!).

What to expect in our horseback riding tour?

In each activity, for sure you’ll be lucky enough —if you look closely— to see some of the incredible animals that inhabit these lands. It is (almost) a human-free spot! Monkeys, snakes, tarantulas, badgers, hawks and toucans, all free and living in their natural habitat. Don’t be surprised if they come and say hi to make you adventure even more unforgettable.


One of the favorite activities of all times! Here you’ll get to share an ATV with your best friend, brother, sister or partner, and take turns to see who’s wilder! Here you will be sharing laughs and lots of fun while you jump up and down the mud puddles, surrounded by the greenest foliage you’ve seen in your life.


You’ll go down the craziest zip-lines tied up from tree to tree feeling like the real Tarzan as you go down from the highest to the fastest one. If you dare, you can even try going backwards or upside down as well! The vast jungle will be lying underneath your feet (or head), feeling as wild as ever.

Horseback riding in the jungle

Explore nature while the wind blows through you hair as you ride a horse like an ancient jungle dweller from Mexico’s incredible history. On this tour you’ll get to choose a lovely furry partner and ride on its back through the amazing jungle in Puerto Morelos for about an hour.

The path you’ll go through lies between native sacred Mayan trees like Chechenes and Chacás, it’s such a beautiful landscape! While you enjoy your ride, our guide will tell you all about the Mayan’s legends; their knowledge about natural medicine and their different uses of these trees, ¡including the first chewing gum made entirely of resin!

Swimming in a Cenote

Once you’re hot enough, between the adrenaline, the humidity, the sweat and the heat, it’s time to swim!

Our cenote is not human made. It is completely natural and newly discovered underneath the insane amount of green vegetation… and it’s all yours to explore!

Dive into the cristal clear turquoise waters, swim in its fresh waters, observe all its million-year-old stalactites and stalagmites, watch the bats and fish that live in it and just relax and cool yourself down for a bit, you’ve earned it!

Once you’re all energized again by these magic waters and the contact with nature at its purest state, it’s time for a snack.

Hydrate yourself and enjoy the view for the last few minutes. Then, our driver will pick you up and will take you back to your hotel, where a siesta will be both needed and well-deserved!

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Cenotes Zapote, the perfect tour for adventurous tourists

Are you an adrenaline lover? Do you long for adventure? Are you looking for a tour that will leave your jaw completely dropped? We have the perfect tour for you: Cenotes Zapote PreHistoric Park.

The Cenotes Zapote is an amazing land located in the Puerto Morelos’ cenote route, right in the middle of the jungle. We’re here to offer you a one of a kind tour that you could never had imagined!

Here, you will be able to explore four zip lines, three cenotes, ATVs, and a traditional Mexican buffet… All wrapped up in one amazing day!

Zip lines

There’re four 500-meter long zip lines, where we’ll provide you with all the equipment needed and a quick introduction on how to make the most of it, while being safe at the same time. Once you’re good to go, we’ll teach you (and dare you!) to do some upside-down poses and get all the crazy instincts out of you!

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!


Once you’re all built up and filled with excitement, it’s time for the ATVs! ¡Imagine an hour-long ride driving an ATV with your partner in crime clinging to your waist for seven kilometers!

We’ll drive into the cenotes, we’ll jump up and down, and get in as many muddy puddles as we can just to make you feel like an authentic adventurer in the middle of the jungle.

Cenote Palmas

An amazing open cenote, with a few diving platforms at different heights to warm you up on the cenote experience. There’s also a zipline that lands inside of the water! The cool temperatures of the water and your desire for adventure will mix so well that you’ll never want to leave.

Cenote Zoi Che

A wonderful cave type cenote with little holes all around the ceiling that let the warm sunrays in, filling it with the most beautiful light. Everything inside makes it possible for you to enjoy and awe around the colors and shades of these waters that come from all the underground rivers in the area.

Cooler waters and incredible views, perfect to relax, re-charge and immortalize this moment —one you will never want to forget.

Once you’re relaxed and with a fully charged battery again, it’s time for Zapote, the cenote that gives the name to this amazing tour.

Cenote Zapote

The deepest cenote in the park. This cenote has three jumping platforms, each one higher than the other. Are you willing to jump from 8 meters high? What about 10? Maybe you’ll dare to jump from a 14-meter platform?

Don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of time to decide if you’re brave enough. And let us tell you… not everyone is!

Even if that’s not your cup of tea, the view is spectacular, the waters are the cleanest you’ve ever seen, and just watching the crazy ones jump is an experience by itself!


After all this adrenaline release, of course you’ll be hungry, so we’ll take you right to our Mexican buffet. Here, all the ‘cochinita’ and ‘frijoles’ you can eat will be waiting for you to be devoured.

Bread, tortillas, eggs, vegetables, you name it!

Rest in our hamacas, for a couple minutes before our driver takes you back to the hotel, I’m sure you need it!

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Swim With Turtles in their Natural Habitat

If you ask local people about the Mayan Riviera, they will say that it is full of special places, beautiful places, where free spirited people stay in tune with nature and discover their inner selves. And they are right! If you ask then for a recommendation for an amazing day trip, they will tell you to go to Akumal aka the place of the turtles. I can only say: follow their advice!

The beaches in the Riviera Maya have so many things to offer. All of them are different, and all of them are worth a visit, if only you had more time… So, what about Akumal? Well, it is a small fishing village perfect to enjoy a beautiful day on the beach. But wait, what was it about the turtles? Here you go.

Where is Akumal?

You won’t get lost looking for Akumal. Although it is much smaller in size than the rest of the popular destinations in the Riviera Maya, it’s shown right there on the map, close to the same main highway. In between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Going with a tour is the most convenient option and the only way you can really y appreciate the turtles swimming right next to you.

What to expect?

As a local, I have visited Akumal many many times and every time I go back, I fall in love with the place over and over again. First, there is this gorgeous beach, and it is never too crowded. Its restaurants are delicious and several of them are located right on the beach. On the other side of town there’s a magical jungle. If you are an animal lover or you are traveling with kids, I also recommend paying a visit to the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary nestled in the middle of the jungle. You will see snakes, parrots, all kinds of monkeys, rabbits, and many other species that were rescued and now they are cared and loved in this new home.

Swimming with the turtles in Akumal

So what about the turtles? As you can imagine, swimming with wild turtles in their natural habitat is a wonderful thing to do. However, the impact that mass tourism brought to the bay caused a lot of damage. Thus, now the access is restricted and you need to pay to enter the area. If you go on your own, there is no guarantee that you will be able to see the turtles. So my advice is to book a guided tour. They’ll give you a snorkeling equipment and will take you to the secret paths where you will be able to swim around the protected turtle area and explore it on your own. You will get to see different kinds of turtles, colorful fish, coral and even sting rays.

It is important to read the information about the area and the marine life to respect their environment correctly.

Are you ready to swim with the turtles in their natural habitat in Akumal with us? Book your tour today!


Ek Balam: A Visit to an Impressive Archeological Site

From the spectacular beaches, the imposing Mayan jungle, the archaeological sites, and a great variety of restaurants, hotels, and places to enjoy, there is always something exciting and fun to do in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Also, its privileged location allows visitors to go far from this touristic corridor to explore other wonders along the Yucatan Peninsula.

If you’re looking to have an adventure exploring beyond the Riviera Maya, keep reading as we’ll talk about one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the Yucatan Peninsula. No, we’re not talking about Chichen Itza. This time we’ll leave that remarkable vestige aside to learn about Ek Balam.

About Ek Balam

Ek Balam means “Black Jaguar” in Mayan. Historians say that this impressive site lived its splendor even before Chichen Itzá. Despite the deep-rooted beliefs and faith of the Mayan culture, they were also a civilization of science that sought to explain natural phenomena. Ek Balam functioned as a school for scribes (wise men entitled to interpret texts, natural phenomena, messages from the gods, etc.). In addition, the site was a celestial observatory. It is believed that the buildings, temples, and even gardens were built under solid mathematical planning in sync with phenoms such as sunset and the four seasons. So, you can already imagine the unique vibe felt when visiting a place like that.

What to do in Ek Balam?

The site is still not as popular as Chichén Itzá, so chances are that you may find the place for yourself, allowing you to explore freely and taking photos without many tourists in the back. You can even climb the huge central pyramid to admire the imposing view of the entire citadel and the jungle.

Explore its surroundings

After the cultural experience, there is nothing better to cool off than swimming in a cenote. Close to Ek Balam, in the nearby town of Chemax, you can visit the Cenote Maya, the largest cenote in the peninsula since it has a diameter of 65 meters. You could say that swimming in the crystal clear waters of this cenote is an experience that transports you to another time, another dimension. The Cenote Maya is an excellent activity to do after the archaeological adventure. You can enjoy the zip lines and some platforms for diving or snorkeling in fresh, calmed waters, and even visit the famous Nohoch Mul Temple of Coba, located 48 kilometers away. 

How to get there?

Ek Balam is located north of the colonial city of Valladolid, halfway between Merida and Cancun. To get there, it is best to take a tour to Ek Balam and the Cenote Maya. While it may take time to get there from Cancun or the Riviera Maya, it is an experience that we definitely recommend living in the Yucatan peninsula.

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3 archaeological wonders in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya offers world travelers all kinds of activities to spend an unforgettable vacation. The beauty of its soft white sand beaches of turquoise waters, the impressive cenotes, the perfect Caribbean weather, and the variety of places to see make this region of the Mexican Caribbean a world-class destination and one of the favorites to visit with the family. In addition to the natural wonders and the various entertainment options such as restaurants, bars, and stores, you can also carry out cultural activities.

Here’s a guide to 3 archaeological wonders in the Riviera Maya, so you don’t miss any of them next time you visit this piece of paradise. 

Take a tour through The Tulum Ruins

Have you ever seen an ancient vestige with a landscape in the background? Well, here’s your chance. The Tulum ruins are the only archaeological site built on a cliff next to the Caribbean sea. The place makes a unique portrait sought by Instagrammers, selfie lovers, professional photographers, and anyone looking for the best vacation photo. The Tulum ruins are 20 minutes away from the hotel zone or 10 minutes away from Tulum downtown, and it’s worth visiting. You can see the whole site and all of its impressive buildings in about 90 minutes and then take a swim on the site’s beach. Since the site is very popular, we recommend visiting early in the morning, but be sure to add them to your things to do in Tulum  list.

Visit the Muyil Archaeological site

Just 20 minutes from Tulum, the exceptional archaeological site of Muyil persists wonderfully through time. This site is not as popular as the Tulum Ruins, so chances are you’ll have the site for yourself. This site is one of the few found in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. The highlight of this site is undoubtedly The Castle, a 17 meters pyramid built at the entrance. Don’t forget your camera to shoot some cool pics posing in front of this majestic pyramid! After the archaeological adventure, for a complete experience, take the path that leads you to the boats to take a boat ride through the mangroves of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve.

Explore the Coba Archaeological site 

Coba was a significant city for the Maya civilization back in the day. Many tall monuments and buildings can still be found through its streets and roads (called sac-be). Since it remains a bit unaltered by the hand of modernity, a visit to this site gives the sensation of genuinely exploring an undiscovered place. You can enjoy plenty of time admiring the carved stone, the impressive buildings, and of course, the Temple of Nohoc Mul, a remarkable pyramid 138 feet in height with 120 stone steps. Before the pandemic, it was possible to climb to the top and contemplate the lush jungle landscape extending in all directions. We’re not sure when this will be possible again, but be sure to pay a visit; you might get lucky! 

Coba is a fun tour to enjoy with family and friends for its versatility. You can explore it hiking through the jungle paths, or you can also rent a bike at the entrance for a complete eco-adventure. 

As you can see, you don’t need to go too far from your resort to visit an archaeological wonder in the Riviera Maya. Next time you visit, be sure to add them to your bucket list! 

We offer an unparalleled 4×1 deluxe tour where you can experience the archeological sites of Tulum and Coba, walk and shop around Playa del Carmen, visit a Mayan Village and have a refreshing swim in the Zazil-Ha Cenote. It includes transfers, a box lunch for breakfast and a buffet restaurant for lunch. Contact us for more info.


What to do in Tulum

Tulum, one of the most gorgeous destinations of the Mexican Caribbean, is world-famous for its beauty, stunning beaches, and relaxed vibe. Once known as a “destination for hippies,” Tulum nowadays is a trendy spot packed with an array of boho-chic boutique hotels, beach clubs, fancy restaurants, and nightclubs. Hence, it has become more expensive and crowded. Thousands of travelers arrive at Tulum attracted by what they see on Social Media. Still, honestly, there are so many things to do in Tulum that sometimes are missed by visitors!


You can’t say that you visited Mexico without adding some culture to the experience. Lucky for you, some of the most important archeological sites of the Mayan Civilization can be found around Tulum. Don’t miss visiting the Tulum Archaeological site. This is the only Mayan vestige built on a cliff next to the Caribbean Sea. Also, you can see the Muyil archaeological site, located only 20 minutes away from Tulum Downtown. If you want to go a bit far away, visit the impressive site of Coba, where you can contemplate the Nohoc Mul temple, one of the largest ancient buildings in the region. 


Cenotes are natural sinkholes of crystal clear waters and stunning vegetation formed by the crashing of a meteorite on the Yucatan Peninsula thousands of years ago and other natural events happening since then, including the filtration of rainwater to the limestone. These ecosystems are home to diverse flora and fauna such as fish, frogs, birds, and lots of colorful trees and exotic plants. The best part is that most of them are open to the public, so you can visit them and swim in the freshest water ever!


For its location in front of the Mesoamerican Reef, the second-largest reef barrier in the world, and the many underwater cenotes available, Tulum is known for being a divers’ paradise. Many diving aficionados and professional adventurers visit Tulum each year to immerse themselves in the many underwater ecosystems. 


There’s no complete visit to Tulum without visiting Downtown Tulum. Experience the unique vibe of the Tulum community and discover a different yet fabulous side of Tulum. Take an evening stroll along the main road for some shopping, enjoy the local food, or get to know many people from around the world. The Tulum downtown is a chilled, friendly town that offers good restaurants and cool bars. Additionally, you’ll get better prices than at the hotel zone, so it’s worth the visit! To avoid traffic, we recommend renting a bike from the hotel zone to downtown.

Despite the activities you choose, one thing is sure: the beauty of Tulum will leave you speechless. Either you choose to enjoy the beaches, have an eco-adventure, or embark on an archeologic quest, you’re surely in for a great experience! Click here to book one of our amazing tours in Tulum and Coba.