Horseback Riding in the Jungle and Much More

ATVs, Horseback riding, swimming inside a real cenote and an exciting zip-line circuit, all wrapped up in one day!

Have you ever heard of Puerto Morelos?

It is a small fishing town about half an hour away from amazing Cancun. It is a colorful, fun, calm, quiet and adventurous place. All in one!

It is located in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by hundreds of cenotes, a beautiful beach with the clearest waters, a hundred-foot long coral reef… What else could you ask for?

All of these incredible features made us pick Puerto Morelos as our destination for one of the most unbelievable tours you ever hear of: Horseback Riding + ATVs (and more!).

What to expect in our horseback riding tour?

In each activity, for sure you’ll be lucky enough —if you look closely— to see some of the incredible animals that inhabit these lands. It is (almost) a human-free spot! Monkeys, snakes, tarantulas, badgers, hawks and toucans, all free and living in their natural habitat. Don’t be surprised if they come and say hi to make you adventure even more unforgettable.


One of the favorite activities of all times! Here you’ll get to share an ATV with your best friend, brother, sister or partner, and take turns to see who’s wilder! Here you will be sharing laughs and lots of fun while you jump up and down the mud puddles, surrounded by the greenest foliage you’ve seen in your life.


You’ll go down the craziest zip-lines tied up from tree to tree feeling like the real Tarzan as you go down from the highest to the fastest one. If you dare, you can even try going backwards or upside down as well! The vast jungle will be lying underneath your feet (or head), feeling as wild as ever.

Horseback riding in the jungle

Explore nature while the wind blows through you hair as you ride a horse like an ancient jungle dweller from Mexico’s incredible history. On this tour you’ll get to choose a lovely furry partner and ride on its back through the amazing jungle in Puerto Morelos for about an hour.

The path you’ll go through lies between native sacred Mayan trees like Chechenes and Chacás, it’s such a beautiful landscape! While you enjoy your ride, our guide will tell you all about the Mayan’s legends; their knowledge about natural medicine and their different uses of these trees, ¡including the first chewing gum made entirely of resin!

Swimming in a Cenote

Once you’re hot enough, between the adrenaline, the humidity, the sweat and the heat, it’s time to swim!

Our cenote is not human made. It is completely natural and newly discovered underneath the insane amount of green vegetation… and it’s all yours to explore!

Dive into the cristal clear turquoise waters, swim in its fresh waters, observe all its million-year-old stalactites and stalagmites, watch the bats and fish that live in it and just relax and cool yourself down for a bit, you’ve earned it!

Once you’re all energized again by these magic waters and the contact with nature at its purest state, it’s time for a snack.

Hydrate yourself and enjoy the view for the last few minutes. Then, our driver will pick you up and will take you back to your hotel, where a siesta will be both needed and well-deserved!

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