Cenotes Zapote, the perfect tour for adventurous tourists

Are you an adrenaline lover? Do you long for adventure? Are you looking for a tour that will leave your jaw completely dropped? We have the perfect tour for you: Cenotes Zapote PreHistoric Park.

The Cenotes Zapote is an amazing land located in the Puerto Morelos’ cenote route, right in the middle of the jungle. We’re here to offer you a one of a kind tour that you could never had imagined!

Here, you will be able to explore four zip lines, three cenotes, ATVs, and a traditional Mexican buffet… All wrapped up in one amazing day!

Zip lines

There’re four 500-meter long zip lines, where we’ll provide you with all the equipment needed and a quick introduction on how to make the most of it, while being safe at the same time. Once you’re good to go, we’ll teach you (and dare you!) to do some upside-down poses and get all the crazy instincts out of you!

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!


Once you’re all built up and filled with excitement, it’s time for the ATVs! ¡Imagine an hour-long ride driving an ATV with your partner in crime clinging to your waist for seven kilometers!

We’ll drive into the cenotes, we’ll jump up and down, and get in as many muddy puddles as we can just to make you feel like an authentic adventurer in the middle of the jungle.

Cenote Palmas

An amazing open cenote, with a few diving platforms at different heights to warm you up on the cenote experience. There’s also a zipline that lands inside of the water! The cool temperatures of the water and your desire for adventure will mix so well that you’ll never want to leave.

Cenote Zoi Che

A wonderful cave type cenote with little holes all around the ceiling that let the warm sunrays in, filling it with the most beautiful light. Everything inside makes it possible for you to enjoy and awe around the colors and shades of these waters that come from all the underground rivers in the area.

Cooler waters and incredible views, perfect to relax, re-charge and immortalize this moment —one you will never want to forget.

Once you’re relaxed and with a fully charged battery again, it’s time for Zapote, the cenote that gives the name to this amazing tour.

Cenote Zapote

The deepest cenote in the park. This cenote has three jumping platforms, each one higher than the other. Are you willing to jump from 8 meters high? What about 10? Maybe you’ll dare to jump from a 14-meter platform?

Don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of time to decide if you’re brave enough. And let us tell you… not everyone is!

Even if that’s not your cup of tea, the view is spectacular, the waters are the cleanest you’ve ever seen, and just watching the crazy ones jump is an experience by itself!


After all this adrenaline release, of course you’ll be hungry, so we’ll take you right to our Mexican buffet. Here, all the ‘cochinita’ and ‘frijoles’ you can eat will be waiting for you to be devoured.

Bread, tortillas, eggs, vegetables, you name it!

Rest in our hamacas, for a couple minutes before our driver takes you back to the hotel, I’m sure you need it!

Book here, when you feel ready to have the best adventure of your life!

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